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    Should you sell your home in winter?

    In Interior Alaska, it’s very common for people to avoid moving in the winter. There are many reasons but almost all of them boil down to “It’s too cold!” That’s fair, because it is VERY cold! Even so, waiting until spring to put your home on the market  is a mistake many sellers make most of the time, but its especially a mistake this year! Demand for homes is  still rising, partially due to more people spending so much time at home due to Covid and finding their current home lacking, and also due to the influx of military personnel arriving every month. We already have more qualified and searching buyers than homes on the market and this is likely to continue. Putting your home on the market right now puts your listing in with very little competition, and many listings are getting multiple offers. Yes, it might sell very quickly and you may need to move quickly too, but the moving companies here in our area have seen and done it all, and they absolutely can and do move people in our cold temperatures every year. Consider leaving it in the hands of moving professionals, and leave the sale of your home to us! Don’t wait til spring, list it with us now!

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